About Me

Hi, my name is Madeleine.

I am a Christian.

Saved by grace.

New to blogging.

Newly wed to a great godly man.

Theology student at a Swiss university.

It is my passion to write, study the bible and help people realize their potential and purpose within the context of God’s Kingdom.




My Story
How I found Christ (Or did he find me?)


My story is quite simple: I was lost and now I am found. Thank you, Jesus!

Let’s start with the “lost” part.

When I was a teenager, I didn’t care about anything. I was only interested in looking good, being “in”, doing what everyone else was doing at that time. I guess you know that season of life. Therefore I had some friends I shouldn’t have hung out with. I got into the habit of doing things at a very early age such as drinking, using fake IDs to get into nightclubs and much more. I started lying a lot and distancing myself from the “good” people in my life.

Inside, I was getting colder and colder. I was demolishing all kinds of stuff in temper tantrums many times. I was a real a mess and cried every single day. I found myself in a dark hole and didn’t know how to get out of it. I was hopeless and lost. My parents were desperate and didn’t know what to do.

When I was at my deepest point, my parents finally convinced me to get help. Our neighbor was a Christian pastoral caregiver and my mom suggested I talk to her and see if she could change something. Before we went there, I was terribly nervous, because I expected that she would make me confess my 1,000 transgressions in depth. But she didn’t want to know anything like that. The conversation started off with some small talk. Then she asked if she could just pray for me. I agreed.

I folded my hands as I have observed people do in the few catholic services I attended (at Christmas). Then she started praying to Jesus Christ. I don’t remember what she was praying for but I clearly recall what happened at that moment. It was just crazy!! I felt something coming into my hands, through my arms and into my heart. It is almost impossible to describe but I’m trying my best. It was like I suddenly felt my blood flowing on the inside of my arms. It hit me and tears just poured down my face because it was that intense.  


After she stopped praying, I went straight to the bathroom to see if everything was still in place with me. I looked in the mirror and touched my face to be sure that I was still alive.

I have never ever experienced something like that before. It just blew my mind and I couldn’t explain it at all.

Subsequently my life changed completely. All those bad feelings, that black hole and the hopelessness was gone, immediately! For the first time in a really long time I sensed joy again and I actually started seeing a positive future.

Gradually I started reading books about Christ and faith, watched sermons on TV, listened to podcasts, etc. Later I visited a local church and was amazed at all the young people who went there. It was a contemporary church with modern worship and the people attending didn’t seem to fit the prude old Christian lady look I’d imagined them to have. Haha, that was a good sign! But something was just different about them.

They radiated joy, freedom and a sense of ease. And everyone was so nice to each other. So I started attending church regularly. They gave me a Bible and helped me find a Bible study group.

When looking back, I understand now that God was working on my character. At that time, a process of healing, restoration and forgiveness started. It was painful at times but it was totally worth it!

Since then God has been shaping and transforming me to become more and more like him. His grace and goodness are greater than everything else I’ve ever experienced.

Did I find God or did he find me? Well, I’m not sure. But I guess he was the one who found me. Thank you, Jesus! <3

PS: Notice in my story; it was my NEIGHBOR who converted me to Christ. 😉 My real, physical neighbor.

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