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Jesus told us that we will receive what we ask for:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7,7

The problem is that most people don’t ask. Maybe you think your prayers are too small or too big for God. This is a lie! God wants you to ask him for everything, even the little things that may seem unimportant to you. Just tell him your wants and needs, he cares for you.

And more important, pray for your dreams which are the things that are deep in your heart and the longings you have. You need love? Ask God to give it to you in abundance. You dream about starting a non-profit organization that helps homeless people, about starting a business or about moving to another country? Whatever it is, pray to the Lord and ask him for direction. Tell him your deepest wants and wishes.

I don’t know why God answers some prayers and not others. And I think we will never truly know why God does things or doesn’t. But I like the statement Joyce Meyer makes:

I would rather ask God for everything and get 50%, than ask for nothing and get 100%.

This is so true! Be courageous and come boldly before the throne. What do you need? ASK God to give it to you!

Joyce Meyer also said everything she has and does today, she asked God for.

Don’t only as for what you need in your prayer time with God. Ask other people for things you want. Most of the time people have a hard time requesting a favor or service from someone else. Are you looking for a new job? Don’t send 2 applications, better send 20 or 200! Don’t stop asking. Do you want a raise in your job or a discount in your favorite store? Just ask! There’s nothing you can lose by just asking.

But if you don’t ask, there are so many things you can miss in your life and in your walk with God!

Let’s look at a real example from the business world on how asking can affect the sales of a company. Years ago, McDonalds taught their staff to ask one more question when the costumer ordered a hamburger and a drink. The question was: “Do you want some fries with your order?”

Most of the people agreed. What was the financial result? It raised their bottom line by more than 20 million dollars! Just because of that one question.

Imagine what you can achieve by just asking for the things you want. Ask God for whatever you like to see come true in your life and ask other people for the things you need.


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