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Who doesn’t want to be disciplined? Obviously, everyone does! Great things are accomplished through discipline. Imagine yourself having the self-control to start a regular fitness routine, lose weight, reach your goals, complete your exams on top of your class, starting a business and so on.

Imagine how great it would be if you could just get up early in the morning without hitting the snooze button und immediately start working on your projects. Sure, we all want that! But how do we get it and what has it to do with our series “power of words”?

According to the Bible there is a direct link between the words that come out of your mouth and your level of discipline.

Look at what the Bible says about a person who can control his words:

All of us get tripped up in many ways. Suppose someone is never wrong in what he says. Then he is a perfect man. He is able to keep his whole body under control. James 3,2

Crazy! If you can control what comes out of your mouth, you can control your whole body.

To be clear, in the context of this verse Paul speaks to teachers in particular. But the importance of control over your words and the discipline you gain from it goes for everyone.

You can have so much power by just having the self-control towards what comes out of your mouth. But the reality is that most people don’t have this control. How often do you say something and regret it later? Or maybe you gossip about your spouse or your co-workers and later on think “Oh no, I did it again! I wanted to stop that negative talk.”

But let me tell you; we are all in that boat. No one is perfect! But there is so much hope in this verse that when we train ourselves in the way we talk, we get more disciplined all over. Work on your words and you will automatically develop discipline in other parts of your life.

Not only that, it also works the other way around. When you train yourself to become disciplined in other areas of your life, you are more likely to develop the same kind of eagerness towards your choice of words.

Imagine how this will pay off! You are finally able to reach your life goals 😀

The proverbs take it a step further and put it more urgently:

Those who guard their lips preserve their lives, but those who speak rashly will come to ruin. Proverbs 13,3

It is your responsibility to develop discipline for choosing the right words. While reading this proverb, do you recognize how serious the author is about the power of words? When chosen falsely they can ruin your life! But also there can arise lots of joy, wisdom and happiness in your life when you decide to speak more positively.

Do you want to be more disciplined? Work on your words and you will see the results in different areas of your life!

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