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I love listening to worship music. There’s just something amazing about it. It shows me that there is more to life. Something bigger and higher is there. It feels like heaven completely surrounds me in that moment. After listening to worship music my heart feels empowered, happy and I am ready to take on the world.

I think you know that feeling. It does something to your heart and emotions. You can’t compare it with other “normal” music you are listening to. Of course, this feeling is the Holy Spirit at work in us. We feel his touch and love surrounding us and take deeper roots in our innermost. He makes us strong and fills us up with everything we need.

Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. Psalm 95,6

I know there are many different ways to worship God. But in this blog post I want to focus on praising God with our words.

Well, I’m not really a singer. Like, REALLY not! But I love listening to it and sing sometimes under the shower ;-). Fortunately, there are many professional musicians out there who produce awesome music. My all-time favorite worship band is Hillsong. I also like Matt Redman, Bethel and ICF Zurich.

Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name. Psalm 103,1

When we worship His holy name, our focus shifts completely on God and away from our sorrows and problems. There’s that moment when we see over the horizon and everything else gets less and less important. Most of the time I get that feeling that God is in control and everything will turn out well. He is good and he loves me!

This is what worship does. If you are unfamiliar with that kind of experience, just try it. Open up Youtube and listen to great worship artist. I recommend you to check out the ones I mentioned as my favorites. They are really awesome!

What if there are times where you don’t feel like worshipping God? Maybe he disappointed you or you have too much stress. But I promise you, you will feel relieved. Especially when you feel like you just can’t worship him in that moment, this is when you need him the most!

Something powerful happens when we proclaim God’s goodness, faithfulness, his love and his power with our mouths. We show our faith in him and surrender everything we are and do to the one who is in charge.

If you are like me and God somehow overlooked you when he gave out the gift of singing, just read the lyrics. You can also read and pray over the Psalms. Or just listen to worship music and let the words sink in your heart.

No matter how you feel right now, I really want to encourage you to listen to or sing specific worship music, sing it or read Psalms. Because the effect that worshipping God has on your heart, emotions and focus are invaluable!

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