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Hi Dear ones!

This blog post is going to be a bit more personal, since I will be sharing about an experience that has really touched me. A few months ago my husband and I spent the night at the house of my in-laws. We woke up quite late on Sunday morning and headed to a friend’s house to have breakfast. After that, we went straight to church and back to our friend’s house again.

A day with a full schedule. But something felt wrong within me. It was so strange and I hadn’t. Inside, I was peeved and annoyed the whole day. In church, I wasn’t focused on the sermon at all. My thoughts wandered everywhere and the day was far from perfect. After the service, I saw a woman who had something that made me envious. Then I talked to some nice people, but I didn’t really feel love for them and the passion I normally have for communicating was missing. There was something odd about this day.

The whole day I felt frustrated and fraught. It was so strange and I hadn’t felt like that for many months.

Maybe you have those kinds of bad days where everything seems to go wrong, but this wasn’t one of those days. It was different. I had a schedule that day filled with fun activities and meetings with people who I enjoyed being around, but my heart just didn’t feel right. Finally, in the evening I sat down and asked God “What is going on with me? I need you, please help me!”

In that moment, I realized what was wrong. Every morning, I sit down with my Bible and a journal. But on this morning, I didn’t spend time with God. This is normally something I do EVERY DAY. It is the most important part of my day and the most important habit in my life. Everyday I sit down with my Bible and a journal. This morning we had such a rush and I just forgot! How could I. xD

So I immediately grabbed my phone, read a Psalm and poured out my heart to my heavenly Father. I gave him all those nagging feelings and thoughts, thanked him for his grace and goodness and read some more Scriptures.

After that quiet time with God I immediately felt relieved. Like, literally! All those negative feelings; the annoyance, frustration and envy were gone. I was left with a heart full of peace, love and joy.

Wow! That’s the power of prayer. It was immense. A huge difference! Spending time with God every day has been such a fixed habit in my life that I forgot about the huge difference it has for me on a daily basis. Sitting before the Lord and receiving his love and guidance every day is crucial to starting my day right.

This experience showed me that this time reading the Bible and praying isn’t as much for God as it is for me. Of course, God rejoices when we spend time with him and give him honor. But it is more important to realize that WE are the ones who need him EVERY DAY.

I really hope and pray that this short but important experience from my life gives you some insight on how much we as human beings need God and need to spend time with him. If you want to come closer to God and build or improve your prayer and Bible study routine, I have a tool for you that will help you and guide you along the way. Down below you can subscribe to my Newsletter and get a free copy of a short e-Book with my best tips on how to spend time with God.

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